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Our History

Gnagey Gas & Oil was established in 1945 by Emmert Gnagey. Emmert started with one truck he purchased from Mobiloil Company when their company discontinued delivering heating oil in the area. Emril would drive to West Brownsville where Mobiloil had a storage terminal. He loaded the truck with fuel for the deliveries he would make that day. He would often be accompanied by his son, Jim, who helped pull the hose for the fuel deliveries. On Saturdays, the father and son would stop at Fiddles in Brownsville for a hot dog lunch while making deliveries. In 1960, Emril began to expand the heating oil business by building a small storage plant in Uniontown and buying more heating oil trucks. Emril passed in 1963 and left behind his wife, Mary and his son, Jim. At this time, Gnagey Gas & Oil owned and operated 3 heating oil trucks, one of which was now driven by Jim. Jim assumed the duties of the day-to-day operations of the company, which included scheduling the daily deliveries for all the trucks as well as delivering heating oil during the day himself. In the evening, Jim drove the company’s first tractor trailer in order to keep the storage tanks full for the trucks next day deliveries. His mother, Mary, took care of the bookkeeping and paying bills while the business grew.

When the fuel and gas shortages hit in the 1970’s, most heating oil dealers sold whatever product they had to the highest bidder. Jim and his mother did not. They kept their customers warm by supplying them with oil during these difficult times. In 1975, Jim bought the business from his mother by making monthly payments. Jim made sure that his mother was taken care of, while at the same time he began to expand the business on his own. In the late 70’s, Jim stopped delivering oil during the day and hired a night time driver for the tractor trailer supply truck. He built and moved into the company’s current location at 8 Gardner Street where he oversaw the business during the day and planned the next days heating oil deliveries at night. By the 1980’s, Gnagey Gas & Oil had grown to a total of 2 tractor trailers that supplied several local gas stations with gas, and 5 heating oil trucks that delivered to homes.

Since then, Gnagey Gas & Oil has grown to a full service gas & oil supply business. With Jim still running the day to day business, Gnagey Gas & Oil Company currently owns and operates 4 tractor trailers, 5 heating oil trucks, and employs 30 people. Gnagey Gas & Oil Company is big enough to ensure our customers timely deliveries at the best price. Our trucks bring heating oil into our 400,000 gallon fuel oil tanks from as far away as Altoona Pennsylvania, Youngstown Ohio, and Newell West Virginia depending on where oil is the best price. During the winter months, our 5 heating oils trucks branch out from Uniontown in many directions in order to cover the entire county each day. Our uniformed, professional drivers are the best in the business. Our Peterbuilt trucks are state of the art with computerized invoicing that guarantees our customers precise oil measuring. Each truck is inspected by Pennsylvania Weights and Measures every year so they can display the appropriate Pennsylvania seals. No oil company has better equipment or employees.

Office Contacts

We serve Pennslyvania, West Virginia and Parts of Ohio.

8 Gardner St,
Uniontown, PA 15401.
(724) 437-7241
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